Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New day!

We have already been busy this morning. I got some cheater slice and bake sugar cookies, which Daniel and Sam have baked. They are cooling off now. The cookies, that is, not Dan and Sam. Matthew JUST woke up, after I began typing. He is having a bowl of cereal. Once the cookies are cooled, I will frost them (or a designee cookie froster). Then I will let Matthew 'decorate' them with sprinkles. He can even take them home with him.

I remember decorating sugar cookies with my Mom and brothers. We made "santas" with raisin eyes and coconut beards, and a marshmallow tassle for his cap. I don't remember Mom yelling or getting exasperated with us. I will TRY to be patient with Matthew.

My own kids and I did some sugar cookie baking a few times. I'm sure it was so sporadic that I missed 'prime time' baking with some of them. All of the kids are pretty good cooks and bakers.
I have had several requests to put together a "Mom's Recipe Book", and Ben actually salvaged what I had already put together from the lightening fried old computer. So maybe I should put some good effort into getting that done... one of these days. I am (belatedly) taking pictures of today's cookie mess decorating fiasco fun.
I do want some pictures of our meals for the family cookbook.

Matt finished his cereal, and told me: "Me Tammy, I tee oh hunwee. "
"Do you want another bowl of cereal?"
"No, I no wan tee wee oh"
He is looking pointedly and longingly at the cookies cooling on the counter.
"Well, if you are still hungry, I will make you more cereal. You are NOT getting cookies for breakfast."
"Because I am using those cookies for something else, later."

At this point, I give Matt "The Look". He wanders off to play, completely forgetting he is "still hungry".

Five more hours until I go to O'Reilly's.

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