Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blackberry 'cop'

I just finished a warm bowl of blackberry 'cop'. 'Cop' is a family word, one that a toddler used when we had cobbler. It stuck. Daniel and Sam picked this batch of blackberries a few days ago, and it was use them or lose them time.

Before the 'cop', I made myself a late lunch... an excellent hamburger. Over the years, my taste in burgers has changed. Once, I would never of dreamed of putting miracle whip on a burger. Then on a visit to my inlaws house, we were grilling burgers. As we set the table with vegetables and condiments, someone set out the miracle whip.

I wondered aloud, who on earth would have miracle whip or mayo on a burger? My BIL spoke right up. "What else would a person have on a burger?" I eventually tried it, and my mustard is often left off my burger these days.

Today, I 'fried' the beef patty. Too lazy to wash out the skillet first, I used bacon grease sediment to saute onion slices and cook the burger patty. Toasted a deli roll, had lettuce and tomato, miracle whip, Baby-Ray BBQ sauce, and pickles on it. If only I would of thought about it sooner, I could of tossed a portabello mushroom into the sauteed onions. It was really good! Topped off my lunch with the small bowl of warm blackberry cop.

Tonight will continue our simple 'picnic fare' weekend meals. Hebrew National hotdogs on the grill, home made potato salad, and corn on the cob.

The guys shot off just under half of the fireworks last night. I had to come in, the smoke and cordite was getting to me. I couldn't stop 'seeing' battlefields and hearing screams, cannons and gunfire in my mind. Remembering the reason we have a Nation's birthday to celebrate.

May you each have a wonderful July 4th! Be blessed!

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