Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Plans and annoyances....

Maybe that should be "job security" instead of annoyances. Yesterday, I finished the great brake rotor sequencing. I had maybe 50 rotors left to reshelve, when co worker Jeff came down the aisle I was working on. "You are NOT going to be happy," He tells me. He hands me a stack of new labels. On this coming Monday, August 2nd... this brand of rotors will have their part numbers changed and relabeled . In all likelihood, this will render my sequencing invalid. I will know on Tuesday.

Daniel, Sam and I did the 21 day re-bombing of the house yesterday. I hadn't seen any fleas, but that is the point of re-treatment... to make sure the ones in stages immune to the fog last time are killed before they are mature enough to reproduce. We started our 4 hour exile at the library. Then we proceeded on to the Jones center for ice skating. We struck out there... as has happened the last 3 times we have driven over there, the ice rink was closed for a special event. So I decided we would go check out a park I had seen signs for along 540. It was MUCH farther away than I had anticipated- waaaay east of 540. We finally found the park... and discovered there was an entry/ day use fee! I was too broke to get us in. *sigh* So I took a 'scenic' route home house. I found a couple of ways I cannot get home from 540. But then, knowing the basic "grid" of highways and the direction of the house, I drove back roads until I found a way through. We got back here with 20 minutes before we were supposed to air out the house. I called it "close enough".

This morning, I got to thinking about how we pretty much never use our flight benefits. Tom has been with the company long enough I can fly standby coach for free. So I asked him to set me up to go see my Mom this coming weekend. I can also go see Granny, and Chris. He agreed! So if the flights are clear, I will head down to DFW once I am off work Saturday. He and the boys had already been talking about going on an all night fishing trip. (I'll let you know the flight details when I get them, Mom!)

Meanwhile... tomorrow is Oil Day. Another chance to exercise my muscles! Speaking of muscles, as of this minute, I am up to 39.4 miles on the treadmill for July. I "upped" my goal of 100 miles by Oct. 20th to 150 miles. You would think that walking 40 miles would cause one to lose a bit of weight. *I* would think that anyway. Yet the scales remain stubbornly stuck on 160 lbs. "Muscle weighs more than fat! You are turning the fat into muscle." Yeah, yeah.

Muscle is also supposed to burn more calories than fat... so when does the weight loss start? I would think that the results would start to show after more than a month of consistent exercise.

That's all I can think of for now. Hope you have a blessed day!

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