Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It was a dream

I need to say that again: the following was a dream that woke me in the pre-alarm clock hours this morning.

I was in 'my' house, which was a rent house, but not the house we live in now. I know this because it was on a hillside, and Sam had just backed our truck down the hill where it should not of gone, and came running to ask me to see if I could get it back up the hill.

When I walked back inside, the home OWNERS were there, and fixing us pancakes for breakfast. I asked why they were cooking in my kitchen, and the lady said because she could see I needed the help.

Just then the phone rang, and my mom answered it. She looked upset, and I could tell it was bad news. She told me my Granny was doing bad and the doctors said she was going to die by Wednesday night. Mom asked me to call my Dad and Kathie and tell them, as well as my kids that didn't live at home.

I tried dialing the phone, but was so upset, instead of calling Dad, I called my boss Tim. When I realized it was Tim, I told him I had to take time off, and why. Then I tried dad again. I was crying and fumbling the dialing repeatedly. So Evelyn, who is a friend of my Aunt Jean (She rents a room from Jean) helpfully tried to take the phone from me. (My house was suddenly full of people coming to see Granny, or attend her funeral.) Evelyn is a sweet lady... annoyingly over helpful, but sweet. She just tries so hard to DO things for people. As I kept trying unsucessfully to dial the phone, Evelyn kept trying to take it from me, to dial for me. I got mad and threw the phone at her.

People were shocked. How could I do that, when Evelyn was only being helpful? I stormed outside to cry. (I have known Evelyn almost 30 years.)

That was when I woke up. I wanted to call Becky right away, as we have both had dreams about Granny lately. But since it was only 4:30 am, I didn't call. I was afraid she might not hear me say: I had a DREAM....

Anyway, I told Mr C about the dream. I KNOW that my Granny would be happier with the Lord. Still, when the time comes, saying a last goodbye will be hard. And maybe I better avoid Evelyn.

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