Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have really been enjoying this summer, as busy and crazy as it has been at times, and as dull as watching sports on TV at other times. (I was going to say "dull as watching paint dry, but TV sports are even more dull than drying paint to me!)

Contentment has sneaked up on me and wound about me like a cat's tail curls about its feet. Things have changed, but I have been OK with the changes. I miss my kids that have moved out, but I know that their moving forward with their lives is right and expected. I know that God is in control of the situations that I tend to fret over. In every situation that we have had a NEED, God has been there to meet that need.

At times, it seems wrong that I could be so content. I start looking to see if there is a shoe about to drop.

I have been having a little laugh at how situations seem to repeat. Grandbaby Kimber has had a tasty, tasty cricket fished out of her mouth. At about the same age, Daniel was found munching on a June bug. I told Becky I was going to buy Kimber a box of Kleenex for her birthday. Babies just love to pull things out of boxes, when a new one pops right back up in its place. It wasn't much more than a week after I had mentioned this to Becky, that she called me. Kimber was entertaining herself with a package of pop up baby wipes. She had a nice little pile pulled out when Mommy discovered her!

Bill Joe called me yesterday, with Miss Nickole having a meltdown in the background. He was at wits end over how to handle it. He had been doing all the things I would of suggested, so I reminded him that it cannot be a selective enforcement. She has to have rules and consequences CONSISTENTLY. We hadn't been on the phone more than a minute or two when the shrieking in the background suddenly stopped. Just cut off in mid scream. Bill peeked in on Nickole. She had fallen asleep in the middle of her tantrum. Bill and I went on to talk about dealing with stubborn children on a consistent basis. Not easy, but always necessary. (Maybe I should of told him to keep a high heeled shoe in the back floorboard of the car!) (Family joke- Bill was one of my stubborn kids, taking right after me. My Mom and I were having lunch out one day, in a Mexican restaurant. Bill was being grumpy and un-cooperative. The waitress came around to ask if the boys could have a sopapilla. I said no, not until Bill ate more of his lunch. At this turn of events, Bill began a very loud public display of temper. The waitress reached around me and handed him a sopapilla anyway, to stop his crying. I took it away, and took my screaming son out to the parking lot, Bill kicking and hitting me all the way. I opened the back door of the car and found a loafer in Mom's floorboard. Bill got a couple of well deserved swats on his backside. Once he calmed down, we returned to our food. Bill has stretched the story over the years, telling people I beat him with the pointy heel of a high heeled shoe.)

Please remember to pray for Tommy and the Brazil mission team!

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