Friday, July 23, 2010

Cleaning out the freezer...

Well, not actually CLEANING it yet. But using up stuff we have accumulated. I haven't bought pork in quite awhile- but found a nice pork butt roast in the freezer. I have been so hungry for BBQ, I am making it into pulled pork sammiches tonight. The drawback to this is: we are out of bread! So I have to go to town. While I am there, I am also low on milk and fruit.

Grandson Connor has been having fun with his Uncles. They are playing Monopoly right now. I am holding off on heading to town until after 2:00pm. That's when Sonic has its Happy Hour! For just a couple of bucks, I can get all the boys a drink. (We have a pretty low on the excitement threshold here!)

I had my annual review at work yesterday. The boss gave me good remarks... and put in for a 10% raise. Still isn't as much as I would make starting out at most places, but: it is a low stress job, part time, and I can take off when I need to (within reason). I have continued to do some "make work" projects... organizational bits that REALLY need done. Just seems no one ever has time to get to them. So I spend 20- 30 minutes of a morning. Today I started brake rotors. This is a BIG job. A Heavy job. I only got through 3 sections, and have so far come up with about 10 rotors that are not on our books. Once I get all the rotors sorted and arranged in simple numerical order, I will get the counts corrected.

You would think numerical order is a simple thing. Even the dyslexic among us should grasp how it works. I KNOW I am dyslexic. So I am careful around numbers. But I can easily go into thermonuclear mode with the way some folks I work with just randomly toss things onto shelves. I guess some concepts of numerical order are harder to grasp... like 5004 and 50005. These parts DO NOT live next to one another. They are an entire place value +/-1 from one another.

Really, most of the reorganizing I am doing is due to product relabels. An entire product line will be replaced by a new brand, and all of the old parts get relabeled with the new brand's numeric designation. This makes the old order they were in on the shelves into chaos. Some of the organizing is brought about because every car manufacturer puts new models on the market every year. As the new cars age, they require replacement parts, and these new parts are eventually added to our stock. Some of the stock is squeezed into a too small area... and adding to it requires moving other items first. The old "But First I Have To_____" situation.

Getting these things in shape a bit at a time adds a few minutes a day to my paycheck... Hooray! I figure that I am not cheating the company by doing this, as being able to find a part when you need to find it, where it is SUPPOSED to be, cuts down the time spend by everyone having to search for a part. Getting out of the parts store quickly with what they need makes the customers happy. We all win.

Well, guess this was pretty boring. Maybe someone will do something exciting for me to blog about. Have a blessed afternoon!

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Mom said...

no bread you say......... flour, yeast, a tad of make the bestest bread I ever ate...even if you do label it breadsticks or pizza crusts!! Hope everyone enjoyed the drinks at Sonic tho...huggers Mom