Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Library day...

After an unusually long day at work. My usual 3 hours was dragged into 5 hours. And that was leaving some 'optional' shipping for another day. Got home and Daniel was doing his Power 90 workout, so (much as I was tempted to skip it!) I slogged out 1.1 miles on the treadmill. I was just getting out of the shower when Mr C got home for lunch. Dan got into the shower- and once he was ready, we headed up here.

We don't really have anything else on today's agenda- just stopping for a loaf of peanut butter and a jar of bread. I laid out some chicken tenders for supper tonight- and the guys are hoping I will fry them. I need to roast some veggies... but if I fry chicken, I really have to make mashed potatoes, don't I? And gravy?

The weedeater bit the dust over the weekend. This one lasted us a couple of years. It is so annoying how these things are made to be 'disposable'. The same with sewing machines. Very wasteful, very aggravating. It is less expensive to buy a new one than get an old one repaired on so many items.

The yard is looking really good... my rosebushes have been blooming like crazy. I am so glad I went ahead and got them. I am sure enjoying them. Why did I postpone planting things I enjoy for so long? They weren't expensive, and if I had done this the first year we moved into the house, I could of had them blooming for five years instead of just this one!

When we were pulling out of the driveway to come to the library... there was a KITTY in the yard! A young cat, similarly marked to Al. Tom went out to chase it off as we drove off down the road. I miss having a kitty.

That's all I can think of for now. Tomorrow the Brazil team heads for home. Thank you for keeping them covered in your prayers!

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