Friday, July 30, 2010

I can hardly wait!

I head down to Ft. Worth tomorrow! I haven't flown in a couple of years now. My flight isn't scheduled until late afternoon, as it was the first open flight after I was sure to be home from work.

Today was a bit heavy on the freight, for a Friday. I was there until shortly after 10:00 am... but at least an hour and a half of that was sequencing wheel hub bearings (WHB). That task is DONE! (To get the WHB done, I first had to do some advance preparations... moving the transmission seals, and then the wheel seals. Almost all of the WHB are big and heavy... not things people should have on shelves above their heads... so I have lower portions of several shelving units with the WHB, and the upper shelves for the seals. Chad really helped out when he arrived. (A few days ago he and Jeff tackled and sequenced another sore spot left in chaos from a relabeling two years ago!) We have really got the worst areas of frustration dealt with now!

I have been using the crock pot a LOT this summer. (As well as the grill!) Last night, Sam readied the grill for some little charcoal steaks I found at the bottom of the deep freeze. Since he doesn't grill as much as Daniel, he put way too much charcoal for the four wee little steaks. Tom grabbed a bag of frozen chicken breasts and tossed several of those onto the grill as well.

Today, those breasts were cut up, and mixed with cream of mushroom soup, broccoli cheese soup, frozen corn, cream cheese, milk, and chopped green chilies. I had a few bits of raw onion in a baggie in the fridge... so I sprayed the crock with olive oil, and scattered the onion across the bottom. I tore up a few corn tortillas and put them over the onions. (I figure that the onions will cook better against the crockery, and hold the tortillas off enough for the juices of the mixture to seep under them. Nothing else was actually raw.)

I poured half the mixture over the layer of torn tortillas, and sprinkled shredded cheese. Next was another layer of tortillas, the mixture, and a tiny bit of cheese.

Then I covered the crock with foil (because I have never found a replacement lid for the one that was broken last year.) It started on high because I wasn't paying attention... but since it is basically a heat through and eat, cooking it on low for three hours should be plenty.

It is the first time I have tried this casserole in the crock pot... though we have made it a number of times in the oven and in the microwave.

I would of added sour cream, but I am out. I might have even added some black olives, but I didn't have any of those on hand either. And I had intended to add salsa, to the mixture, but just forgot.
(Truth/ JoAnne, I believe this will qualify as a gluten free dish!)

Have a blessed afternoon and a wonderful weekend. I am sure looking forward to mine!

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truth said...

I love hearing about your recipes and cooking adventures. This one is close to gluten free with the exception of the canned soups. Most of them do have gluten.

Don't you love crockpot and grilling? Those are my two favorite cooking methods as they seem to require the least work.