Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Plans!

Starting tomorrow, I will get my grand daughter Alana for almost a week. I return her home Wednesday evening, and get grandson Connor until the following Monday! Having them one at a time will give them some one-on-one time with us. I haven't heard from my DIL about getting Gavin this month, and the month is half over. (Seneca, CALL ME!)

For an "Oil Day" at work, today wasn't too bad. I had all the freight (Including the oil!) checked in and most of the freight put away before the boss arrived. He even arrived a wee bit early. We are due to have a 'sit down talk' before the week is out: Time for my annual evaluation and pay raise! I have now been with O'Reilly's two years (on the 21st). I was off by a few minutes past nine.

I got home and got on the treadmill. I have been keeping a daily total and a cumulative total of miles on the treadmill since July 1st. I skipped walking one day, and have accumulated 17.6 miles since I started keeping track. I decided to set a 'long term goal': 100 miles by my birthday. (October 20th). That is 97 days away. I should be able to do that easily! Having a long term goal in sight may keep me walking, when I haven't had any desire at all to get on that treadmill all week.

Daniel and I have been browsing a cookbook that I picked up as a 'freebie' at a bookstore sale. (Buy two books, get one from a certain table for free. I was buying the two books anyway.) This cookbook has sat around for a good six months or more without being opened. I pulled it off the shelf a few days ago, and left it sitting out. Dan picked it up, and we have been discussing some of the recipes ever since. Tomorrow, I am picking up some of the ingredients we lacked for Dan to make some Oat Scones.

For supper tonight, I have some chicken thighs in the crock pot. I have some black beans cooking on the stove top. My "plan" such as it is, and subject to change, is to add the black beans to the crock pot once they have cooked. I will also add some corn, some rice, and some salsa. I have fresh basil I can add. I might, or might not add cream cheese, sour cream, Campbell's Cheese soup, and a can of chopped green chilies. Not sure how fresh basil will go with the chilies. And if the boys see me with either cream cheese or sour cream, they won't be as likely to eat the stuff. I may leave out the cheeses and sour cream altogether, for a lighter calorie meal. Still undecided there. I'm leaning towards leaving it out today, and then if there are leftovers, adding it to them tomorrow, along with corn tortillas, for a casserole.

Tommy's flight should be arriving back in Snanjlo soon. I wish I could be at the church to him and the other team members give their testimonies!

For now, I am off to get a shower. While home for lunch, Mr C pointed out that I am filthy. My shirt has grime down the front, with emphasis on 'the girls'. Have a blessed day!


truth said...

For the dinner, if it was me, I'd just add the black beans, corn, rice and salsa. Nothing else. Serve it with sour cream on the side, grated cheese, lettuce, corn chips or whatever. Sounds lovely. I'd save the basil for another dish.

truth said...

Oh, I'd add the green chilies too, or add the next day with the soup and such as a casserole.