Friday, July 2, 2010

Hard to believe this is July already...

The weather speaks more of May than July. I am sure grateful for that. One of my co-workers returned, so I am back to my regular 5:30 am shift... sort of. Saturday I will work until noon, so that lunch breaks may be taken. Monday I will fill in for the regular crew members, who get the day off as "4th of July". Since it is my regular day off, I'm thinking I get time and a half!

I do get Tuesday off, as the warehouse personnel are off Monday night. The boys and I are hoping to invite some friends to go skating at the Jones Center. I am almost tempted to give skating another try. Almost.

I am trying to adjust to my kids being flung to the winds. The two eldest haven't lived up to the high hopes they held as they graduated 11 years ago. Life does that to you, throws you for loops you never expected.

My daughter is still pressing towards the hopes of her calling. She is a mother, a budding photographer, and hopes to live a self-sufficeint life one day. That was once a goal her Dad and I held. I can't say we have given up on it, but it has certainly been delayed.

The next two boys are just getting going in their young adult life. Both have steady jobs, and they are working towards their goals.

The twins are my last kids at home. They are volunteering today at the library, after a month away. While they have ideas of what they want to do with their futures, they haven't really started down the path of acheiving those goals. Somehow, 14 seems so much older than 13 did. Maybe it is because they are shaving.

Please be remembering Tommy and the Brazil team in your prayers!

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Mom said...

well if you do try skating again,just be careful, AND wear a helmet!!!! Love you