Saturday, July 3, 2010

I got a call from Brazil!

I was at work this morning and got a phone call from Tommy! One of his fellow travelers had brought a computer and a "Magic Jack". Tommy was fixing to go to a training session for the ministers. He had tried some interesting foods, like quail eggs, and a banana pizza.

Once I finished MY chores at work this morning, I asked boss man what he wanted me to do. He sent me home! He forgot to tell me I wasn't needed today to help out through lunch. So I was home a little after 8. Once home, I demanded slavery units. Both bathrooms are clean, beds made. (Except mine, whose sheets are being washed.) The cars are cleaned out... Mr C's demand of the day. I made myself a cup of tea... and had to rewarm it three times. (I keep getting distracted by cleaning house.)

There are still things that remain to be done. So, I'm off here to get busy!

Remember the Brazil team in your prayers!

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