Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cutting Costs...

Well, I did it. I called the cell phone carrier and our cell phones will no longer work as of August 3rd. So if you need to reach us, call the house phone number. If you don't have that, call me before the 3rd and I will give it to you, or else email me and I will send it to you.

The cell isn't the only thing we will be cutting- the Direct TV may soon be going bye-bye as well. At least we are not under contract with anyone except the House phone/Internet package. We have plenty of DVD's and with the high speed internet we can watch somewhat jerky videos and old TV programs on HULU, if we need a fix of unreality. (Mr C may really miss seeing cute little Betty Davis and Heather Tesch on the Weather Channel, though!)

Today is grandson Tyrel's birthday. He is 3 years old. He was born on what had been his great grandpa Bob C.'s birthday.

Coming in just over a week is the 26th anniversary of Mr C and myself. No big plans for that. Not even small plans, at the moment.

We are far enough behind in things that we haven't even taken care of Daniel and Samuel's birthday presents yet, and that was six weeks ago.

But, Thankfully, we do have food enough. We have a roof over our heads and transportation to get us to our jobs. We won't be this strapped forever... our cost cutting is what has to be done for now. Everyone is healthy... so much to be grateful for.

Last year, I was whining about the lack of attention to our major 25th anniversary. Within days, our entire world was rocked. Before the month was out, I had a son in the hospital fighting for his life. The next several months went by in a blur. I can do without the drama and upheaval, I believe. I will settle for a quiet anniversary!

May you have a blessed and wonderful day today.

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