Sunday, July 11, 2010

Busy morning

I slept late this morning. Just couldn't believe it was after 9:00 am when I awoke in my dark and cool bedroom. After I had my tea, I hopped right on the treadmill. Sam and Dan came wandering from their rooms. I suggested they get started mowing the grass before the day got too hot... though it was only in the mid 80's, the humidity made it feel more like the upper 90's.

I trudged out my best distance since returning from vacation: 2.1 miles. I decided that before I showered, I'd take care of weeding the rosebushes. I was really drenched with sweat before I jumped in the shower. Once the boys came in, we started some house work. It was mostly done, since we spent the morning yesterday cleaning. So here it is, noon. We have all the housework and yard work finished. A couple stray loads of clothes left to wash is all.

We need to find something to DO on our days off.

The rest of today, and tomorrow, with no plans at all. Even my plan for tonight's supper must be rethought. I was going to make a chicken enchilada casserole, using the rest of last night's grilled chicken. I cooked extra just for this reason. However, during the night, snackers raided the fridge and now there isn't enough chicken to mess with.

(What really sounds good, anyway, is slow grilled BBQ pork ribs. But I haven't got any. *sigh*)

Guess that is all from here. Remember to pray for the Brazil Team ministry, as they close out their mission.

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