Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Shots and Busted Rears

Just a few random shots from the past week.
Kimber, wearing the dress Cowgranny made her!
Grumpaw and the Grandkids

Connor, Tyrel, Tom, and Alana

Alana, Tyrel, Rose, Tammy, and Connor
Becky is stranded here for awhile. The rear end went out on her pick-up truck, and getting parts for it has been a comedy   tragedy of errors. First of all, trying to get the parts the mechanic said we needed, we had to submit a "special order" to O'Reilly's. The info on the special order came back as "unavailable to purchase through O'Reilly's". So my boss called the mechanic... and had him dig into the rear end and see exactly the "gear ratio" that was needed, so that Boss could try to find a correct rear end. He requested Mechanic to look to his sources, while Boss looked to his. A call back from the Mechanic gave Boss exactly what part to order... one that COULD be had through usual channels at O'Reilly's... the same day! The order was placed.
Then., the local warehouse that "had" the part discovered, oops... they did NOT have the part after all.  So the part was ordered through the closest warehouse that had it... Oklahoma City. It would arrive by 11:30 the next day. At 1:30 the next day, we called O'Reilly's to see if the part had been delivered to the Mechanic. OOPS again... it was still on the shelf!
So the part was delivered hastily to the shop. The Mechanic was in the middle of finishing up a vehicle he DID have parts for, so Becky's truck was put off until Mechanic finished. THEN he got on Becky's truck and got it torn apart just before they closed.
Once he got to the point of putting the new part in this morning... he discovered that the NEW part was MISSING PIECES! VITAL pieces.... The parts requisition chase started again. New  New parts were ordered, and will be here in the morning.  But tomorrow is Saturday, and this shop takes weekends off. So.... Monday is the very earliest possible time to get the truck. Monday AFTERNOON.... and that is provided all goes well.
Becky's DH suggested Becky just plan to stay this entire next week.

Which means... LOTS more pictures! Yay!

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