Saturday, December 4, 2010


Today was an OK day at work. Not too long, but not a fast in-and-out either. Got home around 8:30. Did my treadmill, then got laundry going. I wore out in a hurry, and actually had to have a nap. I thought I had missed the Pampered chef party, but my friend called me shortly after my nap... I still had an hour until the party started.

I left a few minutes early... HOORAY for me! I was the LAST car through Centerton before the police closed off the highway and main drags for a Christmas Parade and festival. So glad to have missed THAT delay. Kind of scared me when two police cars pulled out behind me with blue lights flashing... until I realized they were closing the road, NOT pulling me over.

The Pampered chef lady made skillet lasagna... the same dish she made at my party a couple of years ago. Since she has pretty much had our same group every two or three months for the last four years or so, we all know one another fairly well, and have tried pretty much every dish in her party repertoire. My friend Cindi made chicken and dumplings, as well as cookies. I came home too full to try the Chineasy Chicken Daniel made while I was gone.

I really just ordered some cinnamon for myself, and a bowl set my mom had wanted (after me bragging about mine!) I got to visit with old friends, and make a couple of new ones. One of the people was a younger Mom of five, who has kids from 14 down to 8. She has home schooled for several years, although her kids are currently in PS. We had a lot in common. I miss my old acquaintances at Eagle, but do not miss the boss there! The worst part of the party was coming home reeking of cigarette smoke... even though I stayed inside and all the smokers went OUTside.

The housework ended before my nap, so I will be cleaning tomorrow.  (Note I said "ended", NOT was finished....) Most of the laundry is done... including ANOTHER (YES! ANOTHER! GRRR!!!!!!! ) Re- Wash of blankets the dogs burrowed into ...because SOMEONE didn't put them away. (This was a load of  "reds", including my Ohio State blanket, Ohio State snuggie, Pajamas, and the twins flannel red bedsheets.)

Well, even though I have had a nap, it is well past my bedtime. I can hardly keep my eyes open. Please pray for safe travels for Becky and My mom tomorrow. Have a blessed night!


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