Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Early Bird

I was finished at work this morning before anyone else even arrived. I was home shortly after Tom left for work. Here by ten past seven.
Now I have had my second cup of tea, and decided NOT to go back to bed. Not yet anyway. (Still having problems with the sinus/teeth/  headache so going back to bed isn't entirely out of the question.)

Boss asked me to work Thursday and Friday, until I hit 8 hours each day, so it may be close to 4 pm before I get home. Other than coming home to let the dogs out on my lunch break, I could stay there all day. It is so quiet around here.

I suppose I should get a start on my New year's resolution: Walk a mnimum of 50 miles per month- shooting for 600 miles next year. Get a start now so I will be ready to do two miles a day right off the bat- as we will be gone on the first and second! I will have to make up miles right out of the gate.

2010 has been a nice "breather" year... no major events. No weddings, births, deaths, divorces. No new houses, cars, jobs. My "major events" were Ben moving out, and my 50th birthday. Both were pretty low key events. 2010 plodded along maintaining a status quo. That is perfectly fine with me!

I hope that you have all had good years,and are looking forward to 2011 with joy and anticipation. Have a blessed day!

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Becky said...

You'll have to talk to your youngest two about you being gone on the 1st and 2nd...they told me that they have unanimously (I have no idea how to spell that...Yes I KNOW.. D.I.C.T.I.O.N.A.R.Y....)
voted to stay another week. They want Lane to come stay the night on New Years eve and have a fire with them.