Thursday, December 2, 2010

Night Sky

On my way to work this morning, I was admiring bright Venus appearing in close proximity to the sliver of Moon in the Eastern sky. It was crisp, cold, and brilliant as I drove to work. I caught, from the corner of my eye, what appeared to be a long, comet-like streak leading directly to Venus. I had to stop and look. Yep, there was a streak in the sky pointing directly at the star. (Yes, I KNOW it is a planet!)

As I drove on to work, the long arrow-like streak moved, until it was underlining the crescent of Moon. The streak was a band of clouds caught in a high jet-stream. It was so beautiful... I wish I could of taken a picture to share. But not only does my camera NOT take night-sky pictures... a picture just doesn't do justice to the grandeur.

The stars and Moon (and PLANETS!) are one reason I love going in to work so early.

Another reason I like working in the early morning is that I can get so much more done before I have the distractions of co-workers ad customers. (Customers are the REASON we are in business, but it is sure difficult to attend to the necessary tasks that have to be taken care of to stay in business, when you are serving a customer.) A third bonus to working early: I have energy to get things done. By noon... I'm what is done. I have been yawning my head off since noon... but so far haven't given up and taken a nap.

December marks the start of our main birthday month of the year. Tomorrow is Tom's sister Teeny's birthday. The 7th is granddaughter Jade's, and my Uncle Doug's. The 8th is my sister Lalani's birthday, as well as another relative who wishes to remain anonymous. The 9th is this relative's daughter's birthday. The 12th is my eldest son Christopher's birthday, followed by my daughter's on the 16th. Close friend Angie was born Dec. 18th. My nephew Jeremy has his birthday on the 22nd, and my twin cousins Douglas and Daniel on the 24th. DH Tom's birthday is the 27th... which is the last December birthday for us, but my Granny's is Jan 3rd. So a very busy birthday month ahead.

Daniel and Sam are looking forward to going to their sister's house for a visit. When she leaves here, they will accompany her. This will be their first visit to her house all year... possibly in closer to two years. They are pretty geeked over it. (Oh bad word choice... these two are GEEKED over everything, all the time. They are perpetual geeks.) They have been making their lists and checking them... hmmm... hourly. Not lists of clothes and stuff... those kinds of lists are for girls. (I will be lucky if they remember to pack clothes at all.) They have lists of must-not-be-forgotten items like paintball guns, masks, cloaks, staffs, and games. As they promised to also do school work if allowed to go, they better be adding THAT to their lists!

Well, it is either time for another cup of tea, or a nap. Have a blessed afternoon!

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