Thursday, December 23, 2010

Didn't I swear off Wal Mart until after the Holidays?

As usual, as the holidays approach, I am less and less inclined to shop at the WalMart Super Center, despite their superior prices.  Yet I have been there two days in the past week. Yesterday, I took the Toyota down to WM for new tires, as soon as I got off work. Amazingly (or perhaps not) I had four new tires and a hefty bill in under an hour. I was home ... all the way back to the house, by shortly after 10:00 am. TLE (Tire Lube Express) at WalMart was practically deserted. The entire store was far less crowded than I expected. There were shoppers... people pushing shopping carts with the dazed, glazed, empty expression of the clueless sent out to obtain meaningful gifts for everyone on their list. I can see why the "gift aisle" is popular.... pre-packaged thoughtfulness!

So, we got new tires on the car- going ahead and getting them this week, instead of next month, as we planned to pick up the twins this weekend at my Dad's, meeting Becky and Stephen there on Saturday. But the best laid plans... Becky and Stephen can't make it, we learned later yesterday afternoon. Tom decided we could go ahead to Dad's, since we were invited to a family dinner there.

Mr C's birthday is coming up... it's MONDAY if any of my dear procrastinating Children wish to rush right out and get him a card in the mail. I haven't made any elaborate plans...perhaps I can force him to go out for dinner. Best not hold my breath on THAT!

May you all have a very blessed week- Tell someone that you love them! (And MEAN it!)

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