Monday, December 20, 2010

The Weekend is almost over...

Since I get to count Monday as a day off!
Mr C has been sick all weekend, as well as most of Friday. Today, his cold (or whatever it is) seems to be trying to sneak up on me.
We had supper early, as the way I was feeling by the time we got back from town leads me to believe that cooking supper would NOT happen if I were to postpone it to our proper suppertime.

We went to town to get work boots for Mr C., as his shoes are becoming quite religious. (Holey). With the soles falling off his last pair of footwear, we had put off getting him shoes longer than prudent. So I dragged him off to The Shoe Dept.
The Shoe Dept. is across from WalMart... and Mr C tried on several pair while I wandered the store under the watchful eye of the manager, who seemed to follow me as if I were about to stuff something into my purse. (My purse with the broken strap... another purchase I need to make, but refuse to pay $10 or more for such an item! How someone can pay for a designer bag is just beyond me...)

Once Mr C had procured his footwear, we noticed that WalMart wasn't any more crowded than usual. (Probably owing to it being Monday, and noonish. Those who had $$ and weekends off hit the store yesterday and the day before... those who are still procrastinating their shopping will arrive in the late afternoon...)
So I got our short list of grocery and sundry items from the store I generally foreswear at this time of year. ( I even looked at purses, but didn't get one!)  WalMart may not have been the mad house anticipated at this time of year, but it was bad enough. Old home week... let's block aisles to chat with friends we haven't seen in nearly 24 hours! Let's sit in the floor so no one else can get to the products while we scrutinize the fine print on the organic coffees from Timbuktu. Let's block entire sections of the store with carts of merchandise awaiting put out, leaving NO access at all to the area! I finally got to the checkout and got my stuff organized on the belt, as the person ahead is checking out.
Get to the NyQuil (in Original Green Death Flavor). The register prompts the cashier to check my ID... "Is Customer 18 or older?"
The cashier is puzzled about what to do, keeps trying to scan the next items without responding. I finally tell her, she has to respond to the prompt... and YES I am over 18. She hit "NO/ Sale Cancelled". So she flagged down a manager... what does she do? The MANAGER didn't know... he flagged down a CSM. Even the CSM seemed perplexed. I finally intervened, as the line behind me built. "Clear the screen. Now, re-scan the item. Now tell it YES, I am over 18."
By the time we got home... head-cold wooziness was attacking me. I took a newly purchased dose of Emergence C, put away groceries, and fixed a late lunch/ early supper. Then I cleaned up the kitchen. I was ready to call it a day shortly after 5:00 pm. But that really IS too early to head to bed.

Did I mention Mr C has been sick all weekend? ARGH. I think God is working on teaching me patience. He refuses to take anything for feeling bad. But he moans continuously. I think he knows my patience has worn completely out. Or maybe it is because I am starting to fell bad myself. Anyway, I am quite crabby.

Have a blessed night. I am going to TAKE SOME DOPE here in a minute, and head off to bed at the crack of dark.

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