Friday, December 17, 2010

Down the drain... (or in the trash!)

I was trying to make a cow hand-puppet for my grandson. I had the higest hopes, the best vision of what it was to look like.
It was going to have a little pink udder, and a ribbon sewn around its neck with a cowbell attached.

The material shreds rather than sews, so it kept developing holes in it. The head wouldn't lay correctly, and its (perfect!) little ears ended up too close to its neck. In sewing the sides of the head to the pink insides of the mouth, I caught the main part of the body and narrowed it too much for my hand to fit inside. Turning it right side out... holes developed at the ends of the cows hands, along the sides of the head, and around the mouth... this material just shredded instead of  sewing together. I never got as far as sewing on the udder, the ridiculously long eyelashes I had got for its beady brown eyes.

Cow Hand Glove PuppetI ordered a cow puppet from Amazon instead. I had purchased materials to attempt an alligator/ dinosaur puppet as well, but I am just not up to it today. I hope the ordered puppet arrives in time... it is for my son's son, and he is unable to choose the gift this year.

This is similar to what I was AIMING for... but mine was to have the wide open mouth so it could "talk". (This is NOT the one I ordered... not even close to the one I ordered. I found this one later.)

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