Monday, December 6, 2010


December is racing by. I have really enjoyed getting to spend the day with Becky, the babies, and my Mom. In the morning, I abandon them and go back to work. Once I get home,w e plan to go to "oops!" so that Becky can get some candles. Hopefully, I can afford a few as well. ("oops!" is a candle factory outlet, and an import store that sells all sorts of interesting items. It is located in Tontitown, AR.)

Both Tyrel and Kimber have taken right up with "Umpaw", as usual. Kimber has allowed me to tote her around, but she has gone to Umpaw and climbed right into his lap... all her own idea. Seems Mr C is a natural with little ones! He may look crabby to everyone else, but little kids take right to him. Connor and Alana came out for supper, and played with their cousins for a little while. I took them home a bit early, as Alana wasn't feeling well. Connor was so sweet and patient with both of the little ones. He held his temper when Tyrel was trying to pound him, poke and kick him.

We made enchiladas for supper, and did a picture tutorial for the recipe blog. I hope we can get that up tomorrow! We used Becky's camera, and it takes NICE pictures.
Tomorrow, Becky may "frost" Grandma Rose's hair.  I can hardly wait to see how she looks. The box says it is "for Light Brown to Dark Brown Long Hair". At the moment, Grandma Rose has short grayish hair. I can't remember last time she had long hair, so it will be a real change!

I am up "late" for me (It is after 9:00 pm!) because Becky is taking a bath, and Tyrel didn't want to go to bed yet. Both "Umpaw" and I have to go to work in the morning... and even though I leave earlier, Mr C is always awake first. He is usually up by 4:00, sometimes earlier. I lounge around til 4:45... them dash out the door by 5:15. Umpaw went to bed half an hour ago. I was sure ready to go... but here I am!

The month is speeding by. The whole year has rushed by, it seems. The grandkids are all getting so big. Heck, even my KIDS are getting big! When we first moved in to this house, the twins didn't have to duck to shut the cabinet doors. Now, they don't need a step ladder to reach items on the top cabinet shelves.

Well, I see Ty has nodded off asleep on the couch, so I am headed to bed. Have a blessed week! Thanks for reading!

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