Thursday, December 30, 2010

I have noticed....

I have noticed that if any two or more of my kids get together (those that are not normally together)... they sort of forget there are other people in the world.
Mr C was delighted to get phone calls from some of his kids on his birthday.... but one of those who called (without naming any names....) forgot to put her brothers on the phone. Mr C was sad.

Now, instead of getting a phone call, I get a blog comment- informing me that the brothers have unanimously decided to stay another week at Becky's. So, I guess they will find out from reading my blog, Dad said OK.
He is perfectly willing to stay home this weekend and watch football. Endless football. Game after game after game after game aftergameaftergame...

And since we aren't traveling this weekend... I stopped by the grocery store after work this morning to lay in some supplies. I got a small pork roast and one jar of sauerkraut. I already have a bag of blackeyed peas. Guess I ought to thaw some Blue and Gold Bacon to season the peas with. (We have been rationing the Blue and Gold. I am pretty sure I have one package of bacon left.)

Why yes, I DID say I was supposed to work all day today and tomorrow. But Boss decided things are too slow to require my presence there today... and reduced tomorrow to just working the morning.

I suppose, since I have a newfound day ahead of me, I ought to try to accomplish something around here. And I do need to CALL the Dad, who was expecting us this weekend! (He doesn't read my blog.)

Have a blessed day!

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