Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Introducing: Our Cooking Blog!

While still very rudimentary, The Cow Crew is pleased to announce the launch of our new cooking blog. Inspired by Becky, it will be a collaborative effort from all the "chefs" in our family.
"Cooking with the Cow Crew"

I am not sure how to work all the links yet, but will try to classify them and add a search engine to the blog as it becomes necessary. I have tried to make permanent links to the Pantry, as well as the "Meet the Cooks" posts. So far, I have just one recipe up, the Oven-Fried spicy chicken (Original Blog titled here: "In which I Channel the Pioneer Woman")
 In Other News:
Yesterday was Mr C's first day back to work. He worked overtime!
Then, got up at 3 am with a fever and severe headache... so had to report in sick today.
He has begun to feel better, and is now gone to the storage locker to return some items we had need of over the last week or so.
 I worked a bit extra today... not even past a normal time, but for at least an hour after my job was "done". We are less than 2 weeks from the wall to wall inventory of our store. Many areas of disarray remain. I cleared two of them this morning.
My treadmill is now back in its useful location. It has been in the laundry room stacked with stuff for a week or so. I am going to have to get back on it soon! Since going to Ohio in October, I have probably only logged 25 miles on my walking. I need a new goal... I'm letting myself fall off again.
I am looking forward to seeing Becky and the kids next week, and, I hope my Mom as well. Sam asked how they were getting back from Texas... and Tom says he will likely be driving down to get them. (They needed to know their return plans, so they would be able to pack - or not pack- their paintball guns and knives and other boyish essentials). (The sewing stuff dragged out yesterday continues to litter the table... no actions taken. Awaiting size info from Becky!)
Well, that is all for today. thanks for reading!

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