Monday, December 13, 2010


Tyrel Quiets the Duck
It has been lots of fun having the kids here this past week. You never know WHAT Tyrel is going to say next. He had been playing with the stuffed duck, quacking loudly. He had been shushed several times... and tried to explain it was the DUCK, not Tyrel, making all the noise. A few minutes later, he came to show us that he was keeping the duck quiet, because Kimber was taking a nap. (The duck has several linking toy rings around its bill.)

The babies were a bit under the weather the last couple of days. Running a fever, coughing and snotty noses... and very restive last night. Mr C was up at his usual pre-dawn hours. Tyrel and the twins got up and joined him. I elected to stay in bed and TRY to sleep. Becky was staying in bed with Kimber, trying to grab a few more minutes of rest.

I hear Tyrel announce he is going potty.
Then he says, "I'm sitting on the potty now! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!.....  Are you getting up yet, Mom? Mom. Mom. Mom. MOM! ....... Are you getting up yet Mom?"
 (Thirty second pause)
"Mom. Mom. Are you getting up yet Mom?"..... ( another pause)...... "Mom! Are you getting up yet?"

Becky tiredly replies, "No.... I hadn't planned on it."

"Oh." says Tyrel, "I was just checking."

His favorite question is the same as most three year olds, "Why?"
It doesn't matter what he is told to do... the reply is "Why?"
He asks why after asking, and being informed of what you are doing.
And once you explain why you are doing whatever you are doing... he asks "Why?" again.
An explanation for your explanation is requested. Sometimes, though, he just says "Oh." and walks away, satisfied that you have answered his questions.

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Anonymous said...

we haven't gotten to the "why?" stage far everything is followed by "what kind of (insert object/person) is it?"'s never ending!