Friday, January 9, 2009

What Can I Say?

Not Much.
I have been fighting off a sore throat and hoarseness for several days now. I am not winning. I am whining. I have to go to work today, where answering the phone is an integral part of the job.

We only looked at the two houses I mentioned, all week. I don't think we are one bit closer to buying one than we were six months ago. Silly me, I feel like Charlie Brown with Lucy holding the football. I fall for it every time. Maybe we will make a decision and take one of those two houses.

We met one of our neighbors last night, an older fellow who lives on the other side of the trailer where the little boys won't stay away from the pond. The family with the boys moved to Indiana over the Christmas break, we learned from this fellow. This guy had been talking to another neighbor, Mr Coker, and had heard of Benjamin and his forge. (On the opposite side of our house, the property owner (Mr Coker) came in to O's one day, and we went to talking. I told him about Ben and his forge, and then he came and talked to Ben one day himself.) The guy who came yesterday is named Anthony. He wants Ben to work for him when he can. I forget all the stuff the guy has, that he can teach Ben to use. Mostly, Ben will start out with yardwork and handyman stuff, as Anthony is in poor physical shape. Anthony had been hiring the father of all those little kids for his odd jobs.

(Hey Tommy... If you are ready to come back for awhile?)

So another tie to this house. I will now have Matthew 5 days a week, Sun thru Thurs. I haven't heard more about whether or not Matthew will be getting a baby brother in May. (His folks were asked to take another baby, Matt's biological cousin). I could soon have my hands full of babysitting. Or not be doing any sitting at all, IF we buy a house farther away from where we are now.

LOL. See, I still hold on to hope.

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