Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I did it!

I just made my first batch of home made laundry detergent. The first load to wash with it is in the machine.
I still haven't found a local source for washing soda, which is one of the key ingredients when making it from scratch. (I used a kit.)
While I did get off to a very energetic start today, I think my gitty-up and go has gotty-up and gone. The counters are still piled wide and deep with accumulated clutter. Despite having been told TWICE, then reminded by pointing out the location of the pooper-scooper... Ben did not clean out the kitty box. He has gone on to work now.
Dan and Sam have been fussing at Matthew... who has torn down the curtains over the back door twice today. He wants to go out and play. So sorry- we are trying to do school work here and are NOT playing outside. The last time, the curtain rod bonked him on the head, so maybe he will quit twisting up in them. They fuss at Matt too much. The curtains fall down every other time someone goes out the back door- having just been re-hung after falling on Tom prior to bonking Matthew.
Matt finished his lunch... leftover pizza. Then he threw his plate into the trash! ARGH. I know he is trying to help. Throwing... and I do mean THROWING dishes into the sink breaks them. I have told him just tell me when he is done and I will put his dishes in the sink. "O-Tay", he says agreeably... and promptly does whatever I have just told him NOT to do.
My patience is getting a good workout... I am trying not to be short tempered with everyone.
Maybe I will get a nap today. I say that all the time- but I think last time I actually took one was the day of the last endoscopy. I haven't had a single bout of the "choking" feeling lately, since November or so... until the other night when we did the deer steaks. I did OK even then, having gravy and everything. But a couple of hours later, Mr C made some "ice cream"... frozen fruit, milk, some wheat germ and flax all whirled together in the blender. I ate two tablespoons of it. LESS than 1/4 cup... way less. And the chokieness feeling started. I had to sleep sitting up.

What I am wondering is: The Doc says that this is NOT a symptom of lactose intolerance. But bloating IS. I had eaten gravy earlier... maybe the bloating from the gravy pushed the hiatus hernia up into the chest area that causes the choking feeling. Drat... I hate giving up gravy.

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