Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Directions

My family is headed in new directions this morning.

Benjamin is going to go over to a friend's house. Big deal. Big deal? Since we have moved away from Marlow (almost five years ago), this is the first time Ben has gone over to a friend's house. We simply don't have friends. Maybe "friend" is too strong of a word. This person is a co-worker.

Last night, Ben and the twins went to a meeting of the "Tired Iron" Tractor club. They were invited by our neighbor Anthony, who I mentioned a few posts back. Anthony had also invited Daniel and Sam to come over with Ben and he will break down an engine with them. It was going to be this morning, but one of Anthony's cronies needed his help, so the engine work is postponed.

Today, Becky and Tommy are headed to their brother Bill's house, as are Christopher and Seneca. Four of the seven siblings are converging at Bill and Glynna's to help prepare the house for baby. Chris and Seneca are driving my niece LR to Bill's. My Mom and Ralph may even go, carrying up LR's possessions that wouldn't fit into Seneca's vehicle. Gee, Ben is off work today and tomorrow... maybe we ought to converge as well, and make it a regular reunion! (Not going to happen!)

I ventured out to WalMart yesterday, all by myself! (Seldom happens). I was gone a long time... distracted by the baby department and delayed by the lack of personnel in the fabric department. I picked up a few things for baby. (A couple of gender neutral gowns, socks, and onesies. Ok, so one of the onesies is blue... but it has a COW on it. I don't care if baby is not a boy... it will wear a onesie with a cow on it from its Cowgranny!

I also picked up some safety items... outlet covers and cabinet latches. I have already told Bill to install these as soon as they arrive. It isn't long before a newborn is mobile and looking to make new discoveries. I also got fabric to make my favorite flannel receiving blankets... using a full yard of fabric each just makes them so much more practical than the itsy bitsy pre-packaged receiving blankets. I got enough to make some for Dale and Wanda's baby as well.

I had left Matthew in Ben's charge while I was gone.... and got back home just as Wanda was coming out our front door. I got started right away on the blankets, hoping I can get the ones for Bill and Glynna packed and in the mail today or tomorrow.

Well, it is past time for school to start, so I had better get with the program. Have a blessed day!

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truth said...

Wow, lots of exciting things going on there. Sounds wonderful.