Monday, January 19, 2009

It all happened so fast

Most people have at least five or six months to prepare for a new baby. These days, woman often know they are pregnant before they are actually "late" with their monthly cycle.

As of this past weekend, my #2 son, Bill and his dw Glynna are expecting a baby. Before the end of February. Possibly within the next week or two.

It wasn't that the baby was a surprise to anyone, the surprise was in the baby becoming Bill and Glynna's baby. A close relative of the family decided that she wanted more for her baby than what she herself had growing up. She recognised that the circumstances she is currently living in are exactly the same as her upbringing. Our family has worried about what this young mother-to-be was going to do with a baby. After much consideration, she decided that she was giving the baby up for adoption.

One thing she told my #1 , Chris, was that I always thought I would catch a break in life and when I was grown up have things so different than when I was a kid. But I look around me and everything is the same. I want my baby to have more in life than barely getting by.

Within hours of the mother making her decision public, the news spread through our family grapevine... as my Mom says: Telegraph, telephone, Telemom. (Tell a Mom). I called up two of my children who had stepped forward several years ago, when rumours of another relative wanting to give up her baby came around. Bill and Glynna were dialing their phone to reach the baby's mother before my voice had faded off the receiver.

The mother is happy (another family member close to the situation said thrilled) that someone in the family wants her baby. Bill and Glynna are scrambling to get their home and lives prepared for the baby.

We are all still praying for the mother, as well as the baby. She is giving up a precious gift.

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