Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Already a busy day...

I did a quick check of my internet browsing this morning, and got a load of laundry on to wash.

My check re-issue was so fast. It arrived yesterday, but I didn't make it up there until today to pick it up. I went right over to the bank and deposited it- no chance to launder the replacement!
Home again, I made some pancakes for breakfast. Blueberry for the boys and toasted pecan for me.
Now we are on schoolwork.. all of this before 9:30 am.

I have still procrastinated about making a house appointment for Friday... and there are several on our list to see.

It is cold, and supposed to get colder. Tomorrow's high calls for 26*. At least my longjanes came from WinterSilks. In a way, I was disappointed in them. The advertisement says 100% silk cotton. The tag says 100% cotton. It IS a very fine, soft as silk cotton. Next to silk, cotton is my favorite fabric. And I did get them on clearance.
At least the caftan is nice- it is 60% silk, 40% bamboo. Very soft and drapey.

******The following is a Domestic Whine. Feel free to skip it- unless you live here*********

The clutter around here is starting to drive me batty. PUT STUFF AWAY! Every morning, I get up and start clearing the countertops. I usually fill both sides of the sink with dirty dishes. HOW do five people dirty enough dishes to fill both sides of the sink AFTER the supper dishes are done? Yesterday's dish doer is pressed into unloading the dishwasher before breakfast, then I reload it and start it. We had three FULL loads of dishes BEFORE supper yesterday. Am I the only person who can use the same glass or mug all day? And if you MUST get a fresh glass every.single.time. why can't you put your used glass into the sink?

ARGH! Shall I start in on the hiding of the dirty pans because you don't want to wash them? Or "saving" all your dirty clothes until I have finally caught up on Mt Washmore? AM I the only one who can SEE the floor needs swept or the trash needs to be taken out? Really, you don't have to wait to be TOLD to do something.

Have a great day, y'all


Becky said...

Oh I love my son. He picks up after himself...with propting at times, but other not..helps with my chores...all kinds of stuff.

Mom said...

I think the 'fellows' best read and take heed around there.. It is probably 'ole "NO BODY" or "NOT ME" naking all of the mess !!