Thursday, January 22, 2009

Polar Bears

About suppertime yesterday afternoon, Daniel asked me what the overnight low was supposed to be. I knew what was coming: He and Sam wanted to camp out.

The low was supposed to only be 31*, and no rain. We had just had a fairly warm, but windy day. The winds died down. The boys set up their camp, a bit miffed that I wouldn't let them take any candles into their tent. No matter HOW careful they promised to be. They couldn't find any batteries for the electric lantern, but finally settled for a "Tap Light"... one of those battery powered lights that are supposed to be soooo convenient for lighting closets and such. Yep, I tried a set... they suck through batteries like an athlete sucks down gatorade. But we did have some extra batteries here that fit the Tap Light.

Tom went out this morning and peeked into the tent... they are still out there! He said that if they were in Boy Scouts, this would have qualified them for a Polar Bear patch.
I spent a couple of hours yesterday morning getting the receiving blankets made for Bill and Glynna. (I do a decorative machine stitched edge). My sewing machine (actually it is my Mom's machine, which she loaned me years ago and I never gave back...) had a teeny, tiny bit of broken off metal in the bobbin compartment. The bit is about the size of a broken pencil lead. The machine still sews just fine, but has sure developed a loud rattle.
Since I was busy sewing, I had the boys put dvd's in for Matthew to watch on TV. He came to me several times, clearly exasperated, and told me "That noise too loud!" LOL!

When Matt's Mom came to pick him up, she gave me an update on the baby they are adopting. It may arrive sooner than she expected... the birth mom is already dilated to 3 cm. That baby wasn't supposed to be due until March! I had put away my sewing supplies after finishing Bill and Glynna's blankets, figuring I had some time before starting on the ones for Matt's brother. I dragged everything back out and got about halfway finished before I had to start supper. (At least I won't have to mail these things!)
I never made it out of the house yesterday. I finished getting the box for Bill and Glynna packaged just moments before Ben was due to leave to meet his friend. So I just had him stop it off at the post office on his way to town. My only other errand I had planned while out was to shop a sale at the grocery store... and the sale lasts all week.
Matt's Dad is the one who usually drops him off in the mornings, while his Mom picks him up in the afternoons. The Dad just called- I have been up since 6:30 waiting for Matt to arrive. it will be 9:15 before he drops him off today. Now that would have been nice to have know sooner... like YESTERDAY. I could have been to the store and back before he got here. Or slept late. (haha)
My life sure seems to suddenly be filled with babies and adoption. Maybe I ought to invest in an Ergo carrier for ME!


truth said...

It's funny. My daughter and I were walking through a store the other day and I noticed some cute baby stuff. I commented that we need more babies around here. I don't know anyone close by who is having a baby.

MOM said...

The blankies and lil clothes were so cute...espceially the taggy and OU blankie. AND the COW onesie. LR loved her stuff too. I am exhausted...too old to be making fast trips like that. Tommy and Becky were awesome..they have really been busy and it shows. You raise such the good kids. I can't believe little grown up Love you Mom