Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't want to speak too soon!

So far we still have power... it is almost 7:00 am Tuesday. Thankfully, Ben is off Monday- Wednesday.
We do have ice. Lots of ice. Freezing rain is still falling, as it has all night. Tom was on his way home last night and saw three vehicles slid off into the ditch ahead. One was a police car. He backed up from where he was, turned around and took a different route home. Took him 40 minutes to get here, when it normally takes him 12. He has already set out again this morning.

The freezing rain is supposed to continue all day. (We are right in the middle of the heaviest band the weather guessers keep showing on The Weather Channel.)

But we are braced for the power to go out. Showers taken last night, candles and matches, the generator fixed and gasoline for it. Water drawn and stored. Sandwich fixings on hand, though we can cook hot food on the stove top. the cell phones are charged. All set in case we need to hunker down.

Well, all set except for Mr C being out in this driving to and/or from work.


Becky said...

too bad ya'll don't have a wood burney stove.

Mom said...

Glad to hear Ben is off I was worried about him having to drive in the ice. At least being from Ohio Tom just has to watch out for the other guy. Stay in and try to keep warm. Love you Mom

truth said...

Wow, good luck with that. I'm so thankful we don't have ice storms. But this morning when I got up the temps were below zero. Brr....I didn't realize it until after I left with wet hair.