Friday, January 2, 2009

Adventures in Househunting...

Becky, Stephen, Tommy, and Tyrel headed for home today. I was sad. I cried for a few minutes.

Mr C distracted me with the house hunting search.

We looked at one he had already done a drive by on- just across the OK line. It would be only 1/2 mile farther to work for me... but from the opposite direction. We pulled into the yard... and almost at once, the neighbor came over. Except it wasn't the neighbor, it was actually the homeowner. She let us in to see the place. It is a real old fashioned brick home... on 5 acres, with a total of 30 available. Has a half basement, 1.5 baths, Out in country, trees, a big field. All good.

On the negative side... the basement is wet. As in, standing water in the corners. Mold growing on the wooden closet doors in the basement. A definite musty smell in the house. The house has carpet through most... but icky wood floors in the kitchen. I LIKE wood floors... so for me to say "icky" is BAD. It would of helped the showing if the old homeowners stuff was all out... there are random piles of junk in places... and an overweight cat haunting the basement. A nasty, rusty bathtub. Overall, it needs work, but definitely still a possibilty. Gorgeous yard, big trees.

Then, to humor me, Mr C agreed to go see one place Too Far Away, as based on the internet map.
By the time we reached the place the internet showed that it should have been, we were more than 45 miles from where we live now. But I had noticed that the numbers on the houses were steadily growing smaller as we looked for this place... and they should of been growing larger. So we turned around and found the eastern end of the highway on the opposite side of The Town Too Far Away. We drove a very long way towards where we already live... and found the place. It isn't as secluded as we would like... but not exactly in town either. And a 23 mile drive to work for me, 32 for Mr C.

Not So Far Away As Originally Believed.


So we made an appointment to go see it in person on Monday. I have seen the 22 pictures it has online... and found a lot to like. But the proof is really in the in-person visit. We have seen plenty of great places online that have been a real life wash out. This place has fruit trees, outbuildings, and a garage.


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MOM said...

sure hope one of them is 'just right' and you get it. Sorry I didn't get to talk longer ... maybe we can when you get off Sunday or on Monday Love you lots MOM