Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Valley of Indecision...

We seem to be there a lot.
We haven't found any more houses to look at that fall within our small budget allowance, except a few mobile homes. I am 'down' on the mobile homes for several reasons: They require a 20% down payment, vs. 5% to 10 % on a 'stick built' home. For the most part, mobile homes are made to STAY as they are. No painting the pre-printed 'wallpaper' walls. Their cabinets are the lightweight fiberboard material, rather than wood. And mobile homes just seem to accumulate wear more rapidly than a 'stick built' home.

So within our budget are the the two houses I mentioned in the two previous posts. The wet basement house- with a kitchen floor and rusty bathtub that will need immediate attention, as would the wet basement. It has going for it: a fenced front yard, no VERY close neighbors, and an option to buy up to 30 acres. It is only 8 miles to where I work, about 18 miles for Tom. The garage needs a new door.

The second house has close neighbors on both sides. No fences to keep the TSD at home. It would be 22 miles to work for me, about 32 for Tom. So the added gasoline expense. It has small rooms, and sits on 5 acres- no more to be had. However, it has a very nice garage, a nice kitchen with solid wood cabinets, pretty much could be moved in as soon as the owner moves out. And he doesn't have much inside to move. (The first place is vacant).


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