Monday, January 26, 2009

Stop the Hunt

For the time being, our house hunt is called off. Mr C and I have had a noticeable lack of enthusiasm on finding a place to buy. Where we are right now is 'ideal', as far as location goes. It is out in the country, halfway (almost exactly) between his job and mine. Matthew's parents don't mind driving this far, so I can continue to keep him (and his soon to arrive sibling) as long as we are here. It isn't too far for Ben to drive to his job... though I am fretting about the ice storm due to hit today, and him driving in it.
Maybe we will be kicking ourselves in three years for not buying while the interest rates are low.
I had a busy weekend at O's. I got 'caught up' all the way to last week. Seems I run perpetually behind on resetting the displays, since I only work 3 days a week. Our store has a 'skeleton crew'.... running the bare bones necessary to keep the doors open. I am more 'counter person' than display man on Saturday and Sunday.
Daniel and Sam have just about finished their 'two year' math book. We are less than two weeks from finishing "Building Thinking Skills", and 2 of the 3 grammar workbooks we have been using. I was able to order some new curricula last week... which ought to arrive today or tomorrow.
I love getting new materials, but so much of the time I end up disappointed in it. I loved the Science books we had last year, so ordered the next grade for this year. It is reformatted and the ease of use is gone. GRRRR. I have yet to find a spelling course that works with dyslexic children. I keep trying... a different course is in the batch of stuff I ordered.
We are battening down the hatches for the ice storm due to slam us today. We're supposed to have freezing mist this morning, light freezing drizzle by noon, and freezing rain by 5 PM. Inevitably, ice storms knock out our power. So we have laid in sandwich makings, made sure we have itsy bottles of propane for the camp stove, candles, and have disinfecting the water storage cans on the agenda. It hasn't started yet, so I might make a mad dash to the bank and post office this morning. Maybe. Oh yeah... the cell phones are on the chargers as well. We will save filling the bathtubs with 'flushwater' until we actually do have the power go out.
*sniffle* No power means no internet. *sniffle*
Hey, another thing about the ice storm... it is supposed to hit Bill and Glynna as well. We all know what that means.... prime time for LR to go into labor! Babies love to make an appearance during the most inconvenient times!

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