Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Morning!

I have my voice back, barely. Just about the first thing I used it for was to call my boss and request he re-issue my paycheck.
See, it so happened that this nasty stuff in my chest started breaking up Saturday. I had my fresh paycheck in my back pocket, because I don't take my purse into work. (No place to leave it secured). The breaking up of the crud in my chest had me coughing up a lung or two. I was coughing so hard I had a wee accident.
I'm sure fellow Moms can relate to bladder seepage issues. The coughing gave me much more than 'seepage'. I had on my long work shirt, and called Mr C to bring me fresh garments NOW!
He did, and without teasing.
I changed jeans without any of my co-workers taking any notice. I bundled up my dirty clothes, and brought them home.
My check was totally forgotten until last night, when I was listing things I needed to do today. I found my jeans were all freshly laundered.
No decision on a house yet. Mr C is looking online at some mobile homes that have some acreages. They are less expensive than the places we have looked at so far.
I best be getting Connor a birthday present pulled together. His birthday is coming right up, on the 20th.

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