Monday, January 5, 2009

House Two

We went and looked at a second house today. It is a 'real' house on 5 acres. It was a pretty fair place. The carpeted areas were distinctly 70's... the kitchen was nice- REAL cabinets with wood grained formica. All of the rooms were small, but it did have a 'social garage', with a stage for karaoke, a pool table, and bar. It has neighbors on both sides, very close. Strange how folks will go way out in the country and then build houses practically on top of one another. This house has two actual bedrooms, and two "sunrooms", either of which could be a bedroom. No central heat or air. Did I mention all of the rooms are small?

It has screened-in breezeway leading to the garage, plus a 'gazebo', and several outbuildings. This place has a lot of "+", and a few "-".
My Granny had her 94th birthday Saturday. I didn't send a card in time, and didn't try to call her in the nursing home. I did try to call my Aunt Jean, who goes to see Granny every day. She wasn't home, but I left her a message. I miss my Granny.
Matthew is back from his vacation. We left him sleeping this morning, with the boys in charge, while we went out to look at the house. It was nearly 11 when we got home, and Matthew was STILL asleep! He must have got into the habit of sleeping late during his vacation. So he is having breakfast at lunch time.
I have a roast beast in the slow cooker- already smelling delicious.

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MOM said...

Hi was hoping this would be 'the house'...sounds like it has pastability. Nice kitchens help! Your dad got my roll out shelves (drawers) finished and Roger got them put in me a tad less space and less 'height' so am trying to de arrange everything while it is "OUT" Not going very fast. Better get back in there. Hugs Mom