Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Any time now

Daniel and Sam are on their schoolwork.
Sam is having trouble relating how estimating 59 as 60 would help him determine a starting place for how many times 59 will go into 2006. I don't see where his trouble is . He has a tendency to be a smart mouth, and cuts me off when I tell him it is easier to see 6 going into 20... "Yeah but what does that have to do with the 59 and the 2006?".

Maybe one day the little light that blinks will turn into a real laser.
I had the same trouble with long division. No matter how many times the teacher explained it to me, I didn't get it. It was my younger brother Ricky who finally caused the light to come on for me. Maybe Ben can explain this to Sam...
I talked to my BIL Bob yesterday, the first time *I* have spoken to him in several weeks. I overhear snippets of Tom's end of conversations with Bob from time to time. Tom wanders the house, indoors and out, while on the phone. Bob spent another night in the hospital with chest pains last week. The doctors on call didn't believe it was his heart, and sent him home the next morning without him having seen the cardiologist. He has an appointment to see a doctor today. His chest has been hurting severely- the ER docs said it may be a pulled muscle in his chest wall. Prayers for him are appreciated, for his health and finances.
This is the week- I am not sure of the exact day, that Tom's nephew David passed away eight years ago. I have two kids older than David ever got to be.
Well, Matthew has decided to open his eyes. I best go feed him breakfast before lunchtime!

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truth said...

I have learned that with kids, they all process differently. Obviously, Sam's brain doesn't see the reasoning of the math you are teaching him. But somewhere, it will click.