Friday, April 24, 2009

Another week...

This is my "Monday". I work at O's on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. Friday always seems like the longest day... working from noon to 7:00pm.

This evening, Mr C won't be here to keep me company. He is off to west Texas to pick up the twins and see a couple of grandbabies. He is stopping at Bill Joe's house on the way to Becky's, to drop off Bill's birthday present. So he will get to see Miss Nicky. He will be later than he hoped in getting to Becky's, as he slept in this morning- not getting up until after 7:00.

I usually don't get spring allergies... but I sure got hit yesterday afternoon. This morning I took a Claritin D, but my throat is still sore and my ears ache. Seems like I get sick every weekend. Probably psychological rebellion about going to work. Since I was sent home last weekend and the weekend before, my next check is going to really stink. At least I have my April birthdays out of the way. (Bill's is the 29th, but his gift is taken care of.) Yikes... Tom's sister Angie has a birthday May 3rd... I better get on finding a card for her, at least. It will be May before I know it.

Amanda Update: Amanda has not regained consciousness since the surgery on Monday. She is undergoing MRI and CAT scans today to determine if there is any brain activity. Please continue to pray.

Have a blessed day- give your loved ones an extra hug.

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