Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ten Days Short

Guess what happened today? The coupling on my washing machine went out.


I knew it had been less than a year since we took the machine apart and replaced it... and I whined that I was able to fix the machine instead of getting my long wanted front loader.

So I looked back through my blog archives... and it was indeed less than a year ago- April 24, 2008. Ben has gone to town to buy a new coupling. I tried calling Mr C- hoping he would say I could just go get a new machine. But he is actually working today- a lightening struck plane in the hangar. He turned his phone off.

I was going to go with Ben... but! my Bulkfoods shipment is due to be delivered this afternoon. I opted to wait here for that instead of venturing out. Guess I could be cleaning the kitchen up in preparation for opening and storing all the goodies. Instead- here I am.

Guess I will get busy doing something. Yawn... like a nap?

1 comment:

Becky said...

I could use a nap about now also.
Cool, so what happens to an airplane when it is struck by lightening?