Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Fresh New Month

Can you believe it is already April?

I have been back at work on my picture books. I spent a couple of hours yesterday scanning old pictures from albums into the computer. From the computer, they will go to disk, and then on to Shutterfly. Each picture gets scanned... then I have to shift up three computer levels to the correct folder. Next I have to change the save format to jpg, and name the picture. I wish this program had a default setting, where it would go automatically to the last folder and last format until you change it, instead of having to change it every. single. time.

I finally got so worn out, I put the album away for the evening. It has been fun looking over the old pictures. Some of them even have dates on the backs. I find that very helpful these days.

Today, Tom's Mom's album should arrive. I hope she likes it. We spoke on the phone yesterday, and she said she just doesn't feel like digging through all her old pictures and organizing them. Maybe if she likes the book, I can do the rest of them into a nice one for her. (Yours too, Mommy!)

I have found a ton of pictures I am sure Seneca will want copies of. It is amazing how much Connor and Gavin look like Chris. (Seneca, once they are on shutterfly, I will link you up to them).

I haven't thought of any April's Fool pranks. Flipping the calander to the new month... I have plenty of "goings on" listed.

OK. Time to get things rolling around here! Have a great day!


Ceci said...

Tammy I so know what you mean about wishing it would go automatically to the last folder! Drives me bonkers too. ;) The kids at Josh's school played an April Fools joke on the kids as they came in the gate, telling them that school had been cancelled for the day..should have seen the looks on their faces, they really got them for a moment, lol. :)

MOM said...

Hi good idea on making another book for your MOM...tee hee. I only did one April Fool joke..on one of the ole codgers at the coffeeshop....he left the table and came back...started to put his sugar in his fresh cup of coffee....I told him I had already put it in (but I didn't) I don't think he likes unsweet coffee...I should have fixed him up like my old friend Kay did me one April Fools day...she put SALT in my coffee!!!!! UGH that could almost make ya quit. Sure looking forward to seeing ya'll this weekend and that is NO JOKE