Thursday, April 30, 2009


Aside from finding just the right card for my mom for Mother's day... I have finished my mother's day projects for the 3 Mom's in my life.

I asked Tom's Mom, Arlene, what she wanted for Mother's Day. She said she really didn't want anything, but knew I'd probably get her something anyway. She flippantly said, "I'd like some purple roses". LOL. I didn't find any roses that were actually called purple... but did find one with lavender flowers. So Mom Arlene is getting a rosebush and a clematis vine. I also found a great card for her.

For Kathie, I just couldn't think of a thing. I was on Shutterfly, working on my Mom Rose's photobook- which is her present- and browsed around what else I could do on that site. I discovered that photo calendars were on sale for half price- through yesterday. Work on the photo book for Rose came to an abrupt halt, while I put together a calendar for Kathie. I am pretty sure I got in all the grandkids', and most of the great grandkids', my brothers', Dad's siblings birthdates onto it. I got the anniversaries I knew on it. It was an all day project, but I got it done!

I harassed Becky and Seneca, bless them! and got them to upload some pictures for me yesterday. Today I spent the morning finishing Mom's book. It is now ordered! What a relief to finally have Mother's Day gifts taken care of.

In other news, I am about to rip my hair out with CONSTANT "Mom.Mom. Mom. Mommy.
Mommy. Mommommommommom." Taptaptap tap. "Mom. Mommy. Mom. Mom." from Matthew. He doesn't really want anything. Just to tell me what the boys are doing. Or that it is raining/ not raining. Or what toy he is playing with now. Or ayeIhavesomemoredoosepeese. "Mom.Mom. Mom. Mommy.Mommy. Mommommommommom." Yes, he knows I am not HIS mom. But that is what he calls me. He is one needy three year old lately. I am about to run away from home and change my name.

This afternoon, I am supposed to attend another "Home and Garden" party, this time at my friend Cindi's house. Not that I need nor even want any of the items offered at the party... I am going because Cindi is my friend. Maybe I can find an inexpensive item I can use- or save for a future gift.

Amanda is responding to her name. Opening her eyes on demand. She is also moving her lips and tongue, though not yet speaking. Please continue to pray for her!

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