Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back in Business

Dinner was nearly ready when Mr C got in last evening. I told him about the washing machine... and he started to work on it immediately. Ben had gone to the hardware store where we found the part last time, and bought a new coupling. When he got home, he printed out the step by step directions from the internet. I had unplugged the machine, detached the hoses from the water supply, and drained the machine.

In half an hour or less, the washing machine went for a test spin. Problem solved for just over $20. At least if it was going to be broken- it chose a good time to do it. The twins are still having fun at Becky's house, so Mt. Washmore hasn't been all that bad this week.

I did notice that much of the heavy soap build-up that was present in the outer tank last year is gone. I think my home made laundry detergent (or is it soap?) has helped rid the tank of build up. I had just poured the last half gallon of laundry detergent from the bucket I make and store it in, to the jug I dispense it from, when the machine went out. So I will be due to cook up a new batch soon.

Looks like today may be a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The sun is out and (so far) the sky is cloudless. Maybe Ben and I can get some containers and vegetable plants, and start us up a container garden. Tomatoes and peppers... and perhaps some flowers? I would like to get a lattice screen and attach it across the north end of the porch.... plant some sort of climbing flowers beneath it. The front porch looks really... bad. Not having a garage- it is a catch-all for outdoor storage. The weight bench and weights are slowly rusting away there. The gas cans for the lawnmowers, Ben's greensand making supplies, boxes of old car parts mingled with my outdoor plants and park bench. The lattice screen would at least hide a lot of the eyesore from the road.

Mr C plans to leave Daniel and Sam at Becky's this week and next, heading to get them on his days off on the 24th-26th. Unless they become too insufferably homesick. Then I may have to make a dash down on Ben's days off- leaving him with Mattman.

Matt asks, first thing every morning, "Boys here? Where Sam?"
Sam is his generic name for Daniel, Ben, or Sam. And any baby he sees is "Tywell". In the last month, Matt's speaking skills have really developed. I can actually understand quite a bit of his attempts at communication. The first clearly spoken sentence took me by surprise... he calls me "mom" and Tom "dad" when he is here, but uses our given names when speaking of us to his real Mom and Dad.
One day Tom was leaving to go back to work after being home at lunch. Matt called out clearly, "Goodbye, Mr. T_____!" (He still hasn't got the hard "C"_____ of our name down. ) When Ben leaves for work, Matt is always sure to say "Goodbye, Sam!"

My grandson Gavin can still talk circles around Matt, but Matt IS getting better with speech.

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day today. Thanks for reading!

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Mom said...

good morning, well I am glad you got the washer going is hard to do without one for sure...I just wish you could have the nice new shiny front loader you want. Start charging everyone fifty cents a load and put it in a will have the money in no time as many loads as you have to do. My project is moving forward but not as fast and I would wish...the floor is 'almost' to the computer YEA !! Maybe "they" will get er done tonight and get the cabinets back in...I am about to my wits end over the stuff out of them being stacked everywhere. I may try to paint my trim today while the sun is out... Love you lots ..have a good day.