Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things to do today....

As much as I like planning things out- I am also a great procrastinator. I have to work tomorrow, being Friday. And we (plan to) leave EARLY Saturday morning. That leaves me Thursday to get ready to go. Tra La la lala.

Thursday to get ready.

TODAY is Thursday.

I have Matt.
We need to go to the library.
Ben wants to go to Crutchers or Sheplers or whichever the heck the western wear store is over at 412 and 540.
I want to go to Oops... which is in the same neighborhood.
And you know how I mentioned this being a fresh new month and all? There are certain financial requirements to be met each month... and for the second month in a row... we forgot to pay the rent by the 1st. So stopping by the real estate/ property management office is also on the list.

I have been mentally gathering all the stuff we need to take with us all week. Since my extrasensory powers do not happen to include telekinesis, I still need to actually get all this stuff together.
And pack. (Packing is nominal- we will only be gone overnight!)

I said I have Matt.
Really, I should say, "I am supposed to have Matt." Because right now he is more than half an hour later than he usually arrives. And it looks stormy out. Won't I have a really fun day, schlepping an uncooperative preschooler all over NW Arkansas in the rain? At least I ought to be able to use "my" car instead of the van. (Ben is supposed to be off today- unless his boss changed his schedule due to him wanting the weekend off).

Ben has succeeded in casting his belt buckle! He still needs to "finish" it- grinding off the excess aluminum and polishing it all up- and adding a belt to it. (Hence the trip to the western store.) He intends to wear it at the party this weekend- so be sure to admire it. He has been working on it for MONTHS.

OK, I said I have a lot to do, so I best get to doing what I can get done.
Have a blessed day!

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