Monday, April 20, 2009

A second look...

I pulled up the place on the web, and discovered that it does, indeed, have two bathrooms listed. (There should be a clickable link above to see the place. And the map is not accurate, as far as where the house is located. The house is actually where the map says "May" in the upper right corner) Ben and I drove back out there this morning- and Ben was suitably impressed with the property. The funny looking outbuilding that we saw, but didn't approach yesterday, is a professional set up for raising small animals such as rabbits.
Ben and I even looked at the 'haunted' house. We stepped VERY carefully, as the floor is absolutely rotting through in places. That whole building would do well as a practice burn for some fire department training. However, if anything could be salvaged from it- the 'living room' had narrow board hardwood floors. They look like they may have been cherry. Anyway, the floor had the cherry wood coloring. The boards are about an inch wide.
Ben hiked up the hill. I was too lazy wasn't that energetic. He really liked the woods. He visualized epic paint ball battles being fought there.

Anyway, despite the obvious work that needs doing, this place will have us doing a walk through with an agent one day soon. Mr C will either have to take off some afternoon this week when I am home, or it will be after he goes and gets the twins this weekend.


Becky said...

OH I want to be in an epic paint ball fight there!

Mom said...

Hey that house was built the same year someone I know was born.... love ya