Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Review

When you last heard from our intrepid blogger (that's me!), she was feeling a bit under the weather, but planned to work Friday anyway. As planned, (switching back to first person here- third person is confusing me) I took some Emergen-C Friday morning. I felt really bad. I took Dayquil, and that helped. I took some Airborne about half an hour before I needed to leave for work. Both Emergen-c and Airborne have a LOT of vitamin C in them. Vitamin C is NOT stored in ones body. You can only take it to "bowel tolerance". As I was kissing Mr C goodbye on my way out the door... I suddenly discovered that I had exceeded my tolerance level. (At least it wasn't AFTER I left the house.

So a quick clean up and change of clothes, and I was out the door to work. I could tell when I hit the 4 hour mark after taking the Dayquil. Instead of just feeling miserable- I felt awful. Or possibly worse. I took a second dose. The boss asked if I wanted to take my lunch break- and I asked if I could just go on home. He agreed. So I spent the rest of Friday vegetating on the couch. Ben made me home made chicken noodle soup for supper!

Tom told the boys if I was still sick Saturday, we were not going. I can remember being SO disappointed as a kid when unexpected things ruined my plans. I haven't seen Dan and Sam so excited about going on a trip in ages. I really didn't want to disappoint them. I Nyquiled up and went to bed.

Saturday morning- I wasn't hoarse anymore. I felt about halfway better. Took my Dayquil and declared myself fit to go. Every time the Dayquil wore off- I'd dose up again. Chris had quite a few people at the party. Seneca had a few of her close friends. And then we had plenty of family there. Not feeling the best, I did eat a few of the boiled bugs, and a couple of bowls of gumbo. That gumbo could rank right up there with comfort foods when you don't feel well.

I kept my hands off of Nickole for most of the day... but finally washed up really well and held her awhile. She was a bit fussy. For some reason, most babies stop fussing and squirming and drop right off to sleep when I hold them. No one had yet showed Bill the "magic spot" that works on drowsy babies. So Becky demonstrated. Laura was there, and hadn't seen anyone use the "magic spot" before. Both were really impressed. (When a baby or toddler is just almost asleep, but fighting to keep their eyes open, a gentle touch just above the dip of the nose, right between the eyes/eyebrows will make most little ones close their eyes and fall instantly asleep.)

Bill and Glynna went to my niece Tammy's apartment to spend the night. Seneca had volunteered to keep Nickole overnight. They had been gone quite awhile when Daniel noticed Nickole still sleeping in her carrier. He wondered aloud if Bill and Glynna realized yet that they had left the baby behind! It was after 10 when we left Chris' for my Mom's house. I was ready to hit the bed the minute we walked in- but then had trouble falling asleep due to the lingering aches of the flu/bug.

Sunday morning, Mom made her wonderful biscuits and sausage gravy. All the travelling kids were gathered before we left- Becky and Tommy had the twins to go to west Texas. Bill and Glynna collected Nickole and were going to take Laura to visit her parents before heading back to Oklahoma. (My brother Eric and his wife Jackie). They had Nickie all dressed up in a little "Easter dress". Tom and I headed back to Arkansas. It was a really quiet ride home.

This morning, Matt is here and appears to be sleeping in. It is just Ben and I (and Matthew) - Mr C has already gone to work. It will be way too quiet without the twins here. No school work to do, no arguing with Matthew over the TV being on. Once Ben is gone to work and Matt goes home, I will have several hours here all by myself. Every day all week. I'm sure I can think of something to do, LOL.

It just seems so strange to think of the future, the not-so-distant time when I won't have kids at home. All these years of very little time spent alone will turn into very little time spent among throngs of family. Well... that's enough thinking on that!

It was a good weekend. We were disappointed that Ben's boss didn't give him the time off after all. She didn't let him know for sure until Friday. So we had a quick revision of travelling arrangements, and took the car instead of the van. The TSD stayed behind with Ben. Grandkids Connor and Alana were not there. They had gone with their Mom to ( wanna guess where?) ARKANSAS for a wedding. Isn't that ironic?

So I got to see Becky and Tyrel, Tommy ("Stan"), Chris, Seneca, Jade, Amber, and Gavin. Bill Joe and Glynna and Nickole. Nieces Laura Rose and Tammy, and grandnephew Cristopher (Tammy has custody of her sister Tanya's baby). I got to see my mom, and Ralph, and my brother Roger. Both of my nieces made similar remarks- wondering why the cousins hadn't spent much more time together when they were younger. They both agreed that it was nice to get together NOW as part of the family. (I didn't go see Granny or Aunt Jean. They really didn't need my germs!)

Tyrel discovered something temporarily better than Mommy. He discovered cousins! (And a passel of other similar sized kids). He actually let Becky out of his sight- she could even go inside while he was out, or out while he was in... and he didn't cry! Sunday before we left my Mom's house, I asked him if he wanted to go home with me. He nodded yes, and held out his arms for me to take him! WOW! The first time he has voluntarily come to Cowgranny! (Of course, he didn't really get to come home with me, but he was willing- if only for that few minutes!)

Guess this has become more of an epic post than the weekend really was. I will say bye- Thanks for reading, and have a blessed day!

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