Monday, April 13, 2009


Isn't it strange that at Easter, so many people traditionally serve ham? Like turkey at Thanksgiving- it is ham at Easter. Strange, since Jesus was a Jew- and Jews do not eat pork. (My mind takes off on strange ponderings from time to time.)

We had heavy rains much of yesterday. With the rains expected, and it being Easter Sunday, the boss anticipated that the store would be slow. So he gave me yesterday off. Two Sundays in a row! What was really funny was that I had got a call from the boss on Monday or Tuesday, asking if I was "Still with us". I took it to mean, had I died from being sick... since I went home early on Friday last week. I assured him I was better, and would be in as scheduled on Friday.

On Friday, I was telling another co-worker about the crawfish boil and Seneca's party... and I noticed the boss giving me the strangest look. All the sudden, he gets this look of horror that passed quickly to red faced sputterings and laughter. He had totally forgotten he had given me last weekend off- and thought my failure to show up at work was a no-call no show quitting. (His call about was I "still with us"= "Have you quit Oreilly's?")
So when he told me Saturday to take yesterday off... I gave him an hour or two, then reminded him he ought to write that down. LOL

Mr C and I spent the morning cleaning yesterday. I vacuumed the couch and scrubbed it down with a damp wash cloth. Several hours later, I had to repeat the scrubbing. The spills/ stains had reappeared once the cushions were dry. Mr C vacuumed the recliner unit and corner unit, and the floors of the house. I did our bathroom and the kitchen, and Ben did the boys bathroom before he went to work. Then we (Mr C and I) watched Ben Hur. That is a LONG movie. I made a home style chicken pie for supper. Mr C stayed in his lounge pants all day- we never ventured out at all. At bedtime, my arms were sure shrieking... the muscles in them hurt to be touched.

Today brings Matt back. He and I and Ben for the morning, then Ben goes off to work. I need to go put my check(s) in the bank. When I went home sick on the Friday before Seneca's party- I forgot to pick up my check. This week is payday again... and I still have the last check in my purse. I just haven't been getting out. I can't think of any other errands I need to do- so banking may be put off yet again.

I am expecting a shipment from to come in today or tomorrow. I haven't put in an order with them in such a long time, this one is pretty big.

Mr C has been out looking at houses, and finally decided that he is either going to have to raise his price range and buy a house that is in good condition to begin with- or "pay the price" in labor for a house that is in the lower price ranges. I didn't even have to say "I told you so"... he said it " for " me. I'm fine with a fixxer upper, but Mr C, not so much.

That's what's up around the Cow Paddy these days.

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