Thursday, April 2, 2009

semi-productive day

I got a lot of running done today. We were out the door just after 9:00am... and back very shortly. Dan forgot his library books! (At least we were less than a mile from home.)

Once out on 102, Dan asked if we could stop at a specific pawn shop near Bentonville. I quickly vetoed the idea, as 102 is under construction near B'ville. As we discussed how important his mission was- and how much I did NOT want to turn left across construction traffic three times or more... I MISSED the first and only left turn I HAD to make... the one to pay rent. The closest turnaround happened to be in the lot of the pawn shop Dan wanted to visit. So the boys went in, and I stayed in the car with Matt. He found a paint ball gun- which was why he wanted to stop there in the first place. He got a great price on it.

The turn back towards the property management office wasn't too bad. Apparently, 9:30 am is relatively traffic free! We took the suburbia route on to the library.

At the library, I discovered an easier way to upload the photo's than I used last time... and had 165 pictures on Shutterfly in less than 6 minutes. Whoo hoo! I forgot Ben needed to talk to Yessica (his boss) to confirm his weekend off, and headed directly towards Cavenders. Ben and Sam went in and found his belt, while Matthew, Dan and I toured Big Lots. I found a planter the same size and style as one I have put into (and removed) from my WM basket on my last three shopping trips. At WM, WITH Ben's discount, the planter was $18. It was $9 at Big Lots. So my tree now has room to stretch its roots.

From Big Lots, we went to Oops!. I mostly just got candles there, though I did get myself a candle warmer for $1.10, and a few candle jar toppers for gifts. I have a box of candles set aside to give folks at Seneca's party. From Oops!, it was on to WM in Siloam Springs. Got new collars and tie outs for the TSD's. Plus some lunch meat and snacks for the trip, and some planter dirt.

We got home just a short while before Matt's Mom picked him up. The rain hit between Oops! and WM. It rained and rained. Matt was mostly well behaved. We ate lunch as soon as we got home... he was one hungry little boy. (We did have some snacks on the road.) Supper was our "famous" roast beast sandwiches with caramelized onions. Then Dan and I made Tom's Mom's Potato Salad, so we can take a big bowl of it to the party. (It is so much better a day or two after making it!)

I have MOST of what I planned to take with me gathered. Some is already in the van... some is still sitting behind the couch, in our "staging" area. Packed... no.

Sam is running a fever and has a sore throat, which Ben just got over. I am feeling puny myself- with a sore throat edging in. I will dose up on the Emergen-C tomorrow, and Nyquil tonight. (Emergen-C is supposed to pep you up. I don't want pep before bed!) I dread going to work... Friday's seem so long! But at least it is just one day. I can do ONE DAY!

What didn't get done today... cleaning out the fridges. Sweeping and mopping the kitchen. That can be done tomorrow. Also for tomorrow... washing the TSD.

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