Monday, April 20, 2009

Is this one "it"?

This weekend, I was sent home on both Saturday and Sunday by noon. Just no customers on rainy weekends. Mr C and I set out to find a house he had seen online near Goodman, Missouri. That will be a VERY long commute if he decides for this house. We did, eventually, find the place. It is a 3 bedroom 1 bath on 33 acres. Should I list pluses and negatives separately, or just let you draw your own conclusions?

There are several outbuildings... one happens to be an old house- one step from collapse. The outside is cute, fairly well maintained. It shares a driveway with a church. Really. To get to either the house, or the church, you pull off the highway into this driveway. On the opposite side of the church is another house. Directly across the highway is a creek... a wonderful creek! The creek crosses the highway under a bridge just past the other house and bends back towards the church.

The house sits at the foot of a hill. Wait a minute- I think hill is too mild of a word. If my kids will recall the "hill" across the street from us in Medicine Park (Pablo's Poot A Lot of Mooney house) ... this hill is bigger. The road follows the hillside as you approach the house- with the hillside blasted away to make way for the road- leaving small "cliffs" along the road on one side, and the creek on the other.

What we know of the inside is from internet pictures and peeking through windows. The front room has carpet. Poorly laid, piecemeal carpet.... very obvious even through the windows. The kitchen has to have new counter tops. HAS. To. HAVE. The old ones are the very early formica type- the kind with metal rims around the edges, where any remaining rims were located. What was left was peeling up, warped, crumbled, and stained. This is through the kind light of window peeking.
There is one bathroom. Mr C is usually pretty adamant that he will not even consider a place with just one bathroom. This bathroom was also in need of work. We could see that several rooms had real hardwood floors.

Mr C wants to go see the place with an agent. 45 miles from here means I would have to find a different place to work. Ben would probably have to transfer to Neosho or someplace. It is actually closer to Seneca than to Neosho, right on the Newton/McDonald county line. If you have a map, it is near a blip of a town called "May". (I think the church in the yard is the "town".)

Any garden planted would pretty much have to be in front of the house, near the hiway... as 32.75 of the 33 acres is a tree covered mountain. It is certainly out in the country. With a church on one side and a haunted house on the other, we shouldn't have neighbor troubles. The TSD could mark tires to their bladders' content on Sundays, and have free run of the countryside. We would never see Dan and Sam. They would have hideouts and trails through the woods over all 33 acres and probably onto whoever else's property the mountain encompasses.

The place needs a lot of work. A. LOT. of. WORK. And it will be a very, very long drive for Mr. C every day. (well, 4 days a week.) (About the same distance as from Westville to work.)
It is in a beautiful location. The drive over had us oohing and ahhing over the dogwoods in bloom. (And feeling sorry for folks like JoAnne/Truth who live in the Denver area. 52" of snow this week! I'm only 62" tall! And the snowfall wasn't even counting drifts!)

I'm really not holding my breath this time. Maybe when I'm up to my armpits in alligators repairs and packing, I will hold my breath. For now, I'm still wait and see.

Have a great day!



Becky said...

I'll help ya fix er up.
Tommy thinks we should by the old Brusby place. Ya'll can have the blue house, since your family is decreasing in size, and we'll take the white one, since ours is increasing in size. Tommy and Ben can have the Mother in Law suite off of the garage. Works for me. Now to convince dad and Stephen.

Mom said...

Well this sounds like the most 'fixer upper' you have come across so far....that 'one bathroom' would be the kicker well I know with only one all these years....but we did survive!! You can always take a corner of a room or a closet and make another one. Don't hold your breath on it.. or my trip this week........all my brain can think of is how I need to stay here and get this mess finished...and then my heart kicks in with how much I want to come see you....they were putting Amanda back on a ventilator this morning...Ruth was going back up there..they were planning more work on her wound too...sure hope it doesn't involve taking her leg..she just said it didn't look good. I should know more later on ..everyone keep her in your prayers..she is so young to have to go through so much. love you, Mom

Becky said...

buy not by...I just wasn't paying attention.