Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Town Day today

Today I have to work up enough gumption to get to town. We are OUT of fresh veggies.

I so much wanted to take advantage of Sonic's 1/2 price burger Tuesdays yesterday. But I know how Mr C despises eating out... or eating fast food at home. So I scrounged around and decided on italian chicken. The oh-so-easy version: bottled itailian salad dressing over naked chicken- baked until done. For a side, I thin sliced potatoes and layered them in a casserole dish with campbells nacho cheese soup (mixed with milk and sour cream). I also opened a can of green beans. Can't get much easier than that.

I know if I don't get going this morning- I will probably not get the running done at all today. I just seem to run out of steam by afternoon. I'm having trouble lighting the fire getting the steam going at all this morning... I keep trying to doze back off.

I didn't get through to Tom's Mom this weekend. I usually try to call her every weekend. I had spoken to her Wednesday or Thursday. She mentioned she needed to get up to Marysville (about 85 miles away) and see her brother Don. Don had been moved from a retirement home to an assisted living/hospital care type home the week before and he was very upset about it. I knew she had been up there only a few weeks ago.
Anyway, I called Arlene yesterday. She said she had just been about to call me.
Another brother of hers, Glenn, was there visiting, and they had gone up to see Don. He was sleeping when they arrived, and after waiting a couple of hours for him to awaken, they went to get lunch.
When they returned- Don was gone. He had passed away in his sleep. I only met him once- perhaps twice- in all my years as part of the family. But I know he was one of Tom's favorite uncles. I don't know if Tom will be going up for the funeral or not. He has been planning to go to Ohio to visit soon anyway.

Mom Arlene will be 76 next week.

I suppose I better crank up the steam if I am going to get out of here this morning. Matt needs to get dressed- as do I. I need a shower first though. Have a blessed day. Lift up Tom's family in prayer if you think of it.





So much for Town this morning! One essential of taking a toddler to town is having a car seat. My car seat is in the other vehicle- at work with Mr C. So I will have to wait for lunch for him to bring it home. I did get showered and dressed though. I'm sure I can do some clutter-busting to keep me occupied this morning.

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