Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earthday, Tommy

Today, Tommy is 19 years old. Here is a link to Tommy's Birth Story.
A couple of months ago, Ben got a piece of mail from the GED office, offering a chance to participate in a graduation ceremony. A second piece of mail was addressed to "Stan C*****", from the same place. Tommy's given name is Stephen Thomas. How they got "Stan" from that is anyone's guess. But "Stan" has taken on a life of his own. When Tommy calls home, it is reported as a call from Stan. So, Happy Birthday to the both of them.

Late yesterday afternoon, I heard what I thought was a motorcycle buzzing by. The speed limit in front of the house is 55mph... despite the 90* corner .2 past the house. This vehicle was going much faster. I heard Drover, one of our Two Stupid Dogs barking and giving chase. Then I heard a weird thud, and a yiping dog headed this way. I didn't SEE the vehicle. It sounded like a motorcycle. (later, I heard the vehicle again... and this time saw a red sports car racing up the road. This car has buzzed our house all afternoon, so it may have been a car, not a motorcycle, that clipped Drover.)

The poor doggy is limping badly. He cannot jump up the steps now- though he did yesterday. We cannot find any obvious breaks, and aside from a small bloody spot- like a pin prick- he isn't skinned up or abraded. He is whimpering and pitiful... and, as Ben pointed out- now a perfect Hank the Cowdog Drover. Drover was named from the little dog from the John R Erickson series of books, "Hank The Cowdog". Drover is Hank's sidekick, always having problems with his "bad leg" every time there is work to be done. ("Which leg is your bad one, Drover?" "It varies.")

Our Drover is working on healing up, resting on a pillow in Ben's floor. I wonder if this will cure him from chasing vehicles? He has caught one now, and I'm sure it wasn't as much fun as he expected it to be.
I keep hearing pitiful whining... but it is coming from the able bodied Jaffa, who wants to go out and roll on something dead and smelly.
He was let out earlier to do his business, and not allowed to wander off. Now he is whining and scratching at the door- still testing the doorknob to see if he can get it open... and mean old Mom isn't letting him out.
He can't quite turn the front doorknob, but he has the bedroom door knobs figured out. I crabbed at Ben because we have been trying to keep the dogs out of the twins room while they are gone, after Tom discovered they had 'watered' a comforter they dragged to the floor. Ben told me he hadn't opened the twins room at all. I found the dogs in there several times after I KNOW I closed the door, and I was here alone.
Mr C is supposed to go get Dan and Sam this weekend. He will be stopping by Bill's with some stuff- either going or coming back. He really hates the long drives... and the trip down he will be by himself.
I got another bit of curriculum for the twins. I ordered an art course in Drawing from Alpha Omega. It has Thomas Kincaid on DVD instructing the course. I bet Sam, and probably even Ben, will like it. I don't see Daniel sketching and doodling as much as Ben or Sam, but maybe he will enjoy this as well.
Have a blessed day!

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